Dasha Shkurpela Painting and Sculpture

Dacha,The Calvert Journal, and in: Five Ways of Being a Painting and Other Essays. The Winners of the Third Notting Hill Editions Essay Prize, 2017 (in UK / Europe - Notting Hill Editions)

Truth in Painting: Velázquez’ Portraits, 2017

Self-Portrait, Visible Ink Anthology, 2017

Morandi's Bottles, 2017

Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim, 2017

Self-Portrait (Meditation on late Rembrandt),2016

Benefiting from Mind-Body Therapy @ ASCO Post, 2016

Matisse's Cut-Outs at MOMA,2015

Nyugat Generation @ Fiction Advocate (under pen name Leo Kepler), 2014

 “Arabic Literature: Studied, Revered, Sometimes Translated,” Shirkah – The Magazine of Islamic Finance, Economics and Culture, October 2012, Switzerland

Night Vision: Photography after Dark at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2011

Picasso and Marie-Thérèse Walter: L’Amour Fou at Gagosian Gallery, 2011

 “Art of the Islamic World in Europe: Explore, Study, Own,” Shirkah – The Magazine of Islamic Finance, Economics and Culture, November 2011, Switzerland


Picasso's Themes and Variations at the Museum of Modern Art, and at large, 2010

William Kentridge stops in New York, 2010

Picasso: Mosqueteros at Gagosian Gallery

(under pen name Leo Kepler)@ Gallery Crawl, 2009


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